I have been travelling worldwide and have worked for the most prestigious companies , my work has been appreciated and recognized by the international associations of photographers. The photos are taken with great care, I bring enthusiasm and honest emotion to the wedding photos. My shooting style is creative and artistic.

I see each wedding with a fresh eye, breaking the rules of wedding photography itself. The result is that clients trust me completely on the day of the wedding and stop paying attention to the photographer. While many wedding photographers shoot nonstop, I often compose an image and wait for the decisive moment. The movement is to bring glamour to contemporary wedding photography. I just want brides to see in their wedding photography the type of photographs they see in the wedding magazines.

The photos are enhanced in my studio and delivered in a luxurious album.

As your personal wedding videographer, I tell the story of the day with sentiment as it is our passion to preserve on film the unique, rich in emotions, breath-taking moments filled with love and beauty of your wedding day. With a breadth of experience and many years involvement in media production, all around Europe, I can provide you with a quality product, be it a wedding video or a full broadcast quality film.

rodolphe lamare
I am uniquely positioned to provide both Photography and Videography services, saving you time and hassle in planning your wedding. We make every bride look like a princess! My camera crew is trained to capture the emotions and happenings which are then transformed into the end product you tailor. In the pre-wedding meeting you specify what style, feel and look you want – we can do it all!
My editing style is modern, elegant and classy.

I am involved in social works in Mauritius , that is to guide the poorest children of this country to raise a decent standard of living (school equipment, clothes, food, etc.). A percentage of the money gain with my work is given to the NGO.
cerdi Affiliated to CERDI Association a Mauritian NGO